Faithful in the Little Things

Well, it’s officially been two weeks at the Zwartkloof private game reserve and it’s been so crazy. I have had the opportunity to serve with Anore at the staff house folding linens, counting stock, pulling sheets from the different camps, and riding in the back of a buggy (truck) which is never boring and always an interesting adventure.

In addition, I’ve also served with the rangers Rudolf, Jarco, Handrey, and Nicole counting all of the roans, impalas, wildebeests, golden zebras, and sables for their records. Built wire fences, took down tarps in the enclosures, put up tarps, and carried every part of a cow into the freezer to feed to the animals later. I also did this while wearing a white shirt and I didn’t get a drop of blood on it. My arms…looked like I just helped plug a wound…but when you tell your mind it smells like steak and not rotting flesh the job becomes much easier…until you almost slip in the puddles of blood but that’s beside the point.

Moreover, I was placed on a paint crew and we had the job of painting Dirty Dan (the name we gave the never ending fence at Daniel Kamp that seems to get longer each time we finish a section), with carbominium paint that is this tar like substance that burns if it gets on your skin and guess what…this girl can’t do anything clean and I got it all over myself. Why be clean when you can be dirty! I’ve showered multiple times and this smell is one that may take awhile to get out. It’s bad when you no longer notice it…but others do.

Later on I was surprised with the opportunity to, “move trees,” which mean that I got to feed two baby Sables named Nia and Daisy and a Roan named Billigey. They are the sweetest little things that will come up to you to pet them, they will nibble at your pants, push you with their tiny horns that are just starting to grow in, and they are the joyous little things that can turn any bad day around very quickly.

God has definitely gone above and beyond during my time here and my favorite moment of all was when I got up at 5:30am Thursday morning to watch the sunrise. The sun was this burnt orange-red that highlighted every crevasse of the clouds as it began to rise. The rays shined through the clouds like I’ve never seen before and as the sun started to peak through you could hear the animals awaken, the birds sing, and fly across the sky in their designated groups.

My soul rejoiced at the sight and I felt like I could breathe once again as I sat in God’s presence. He was there in the midst of all of His creation and His creation sang praises back to Him.

This week wasn’t perfect by any means. I’ve cried, I’ve faced battles, and had moments of doubt, and have even wondered why I’m here a couple of times. It’s been a challenge to find my purpose and see God’s calling in action but as my Momma would always say, “Be faithful in the little things and in the things you don’t want to do the most. Lean into those moments because it’s there where God reveals Himself the most, so keep pushing forward.”

My story isn’t anywhere near over yet.

God has called me here for such a time as this and with every moment that I grow closer to him, He sets before me divine moments. Whether it’s a conversation, sharing my story, or an opportunity to pour into someone else, he’s opened my eyes and ears to so much more than I ever could have imagined. He tells me when to speak and when to listen. When to take a step back and when to reach out to the one He sets in my path.

It hasn’t always been easy but God never promised easy. He promised possible. It’s a blessing to be apart of this ministry and have the opportunity to serve and build relationships with the people here.

I pray that God continues to bring me one more and may His voice speak through me.

May God’s will be done and not my own.

Until the next adventure,

Megan 🇿🇦💛

One thought on “Faithful in the Little Things

  1. How glorious, I love your quiet time with God at sunrise 🌅 I am blessed to know you Megan🙏🏼♥️Take care and be safe


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