Take My Voice

My voice comes from a long line of fiery, loud, proud southern family, with strong Italian roots. It’s something I used to hold so dear, so how did I get to the place where I now pray for God to change it? I ask God why me? Why this voice?…and there is no answer in return except for, “This is my gift to you, this is how I made you. This is how I am going to use you.”  … More Take My Voice

Casting Stones, Planting Seeds

Exhausted from the sun, weary from the journey, with calloused hands, and scratches down my arm, I look at my team and I understand the looks that I see on their face, because I have it to…it’s the question of what’s the point? It makes the days long and the task seem meaningless especially when you have done tasks that seem to have no end. Here is all that has happened over the last three weeks. The good, the bad, and the miraculous in between. … More Casting Stones, Planting Seeds