Take My Voice

My voice comes from a long line of fiery, loud, proud southern family, with strong Italian roots. It’s something I used to hold so dear, so how did I get to the place where I now pray for God to change it? I ask God why me? Why this voice?…and there is no answer in return except for, “This is my gift to you, this is how I made you. This is how I am going to use you.”  … More Take My Voice

My Soul Yearns

For a brief moment, the world and the people around me all faded away, and it was just me and the ocean. It was just God and I, once again. My soul at rest, with each overwhelming swell flooding the shore, overpowering one another as if to see which could reach the shore first.Namibia…the last chapter, a new story begins. … More My Soul Yearns

I Remember…

Have you ever pondered what your life would be like 5 years or even 10 years from now? Have you ever wondered what life would be if you decided to walk a different path or listen to that one friend’s advice?Have you ever looked back and wondered how you got to the place you are standing right now? Well…that has been my entire experience during my time in Lesotho, Africa…here’s my story. … More I Remember…

Casting Stones, Planting Seeds

Exhausted from the sun, weary from the journey, with calloused hands, and scratches down my arm, I look at my team and I understand the looks that I see on their face, because I have it to…it’s the question of what’s the point? It makes the days long and the task seem meaningless especially when you have done tasks that seem to have no end. Here is all that has happened over the last three weeks. The good, the bad, and the miraculous in between. … More Casting Stones, Planting Seeds

Through their Eyes

So many of us can validate that we love someone by our sense of physical touch, what we do for them, the words we say, or our actions, but what do we do when we can’t?  How do you love someone when you can’t reach out for a hug? What do you do when your words are not understood or they fall short? Everything we normally utilize to convey our love for someone or convey God’s love for someone, now the greatest challenge before you. So what do you do? How do you bridge the gap? … More Through their Eyes

It’s Insignificant

Sometime’s life can feel like we’re looking at a 1000 piece puzzle. It doesn’t make sense, we don’t see the bigger picture, and the pieces of the picture we do have seem insignificant as we can’t see how they are supposed to fit together. But even the piece we think is the tiniest and most insignificant piece of the puzzle, is what makes the picture whole, and brings it all together. We may not see the whole picture or significance of what we do in the here and now…but man if we were to allow God to put the pieces together, to lean into His call on our lives, and trust Him with every moment…could you imagine what the final picture would look like? … More It’s Insignificant

An Unplanned Start

When the beginning doesn’t quite start as you pictured it, but God is still faithful and brings you to the other side to prepare you for the upcoming journey. This week hasn’t gone as planned, but it was a better start than I would’ve ever expected. … More An Unplanned Start