Walking to the Well

Could you imagine the kind of world we would live in, if we took the time to sit down, hear people’s stories…and I mean to truly listen to all of the good, the bad, and the deep dark ugly, and instead of passing judgement, or trying to be a fixer…we simply loved them. We loved them with all that we have and with a love that unconditional. Could you imagine the healing? The peace? To see people who have been suffocating in their own misery, finally burst through and take a deep breath. To know that yes, there has been a great deal that has been said and done, but none of that defines them anymore? This is just one story of this great possibility. … More Walking to the Well

My Soul Yearns

For a brief moment, the world and the people around me all faded away, and it was just me and the ocean. It was just God and I, once again. My soul at rest, with each overwhelming swell flooding the shore, overpowering one another as if to see which could reach the shore first.Namibia…the last chapter, a new story begins. … More My Soul Yearns