What I’ve Seen

When I finally took the time to sit down and reflect back on my time that I’ve spent here in South Africa so far, it’s almost indescribable. From serving at Blessed Hands and feeding the homeless and families in need, to serving at Kairos packing food parcels so that families can have meals to support … More What I’ve Seen

Moment by Moment

As we have transitioned from our last community to our next, it has been difficult to find time to sit down and write it all out and process all that has happened within the last couple of weeks. From having a goodbye dinner with the staff at Zwartkloof with traditional Afrikaans dishes, to seeing the … More Moment by Moment

A New World View

A New Worldview Today, September 1st was the first day of spring and it was also the day it finally hit…I am in South Africa…and I am staying here for 3 months. Yesterday as we finished orientation, I was looking forward to what was next, and how this knowledge had prepared me for going out … More A New World View

True Forgiveness

Forgiveness. Such a simple word. Three syllables. An action. A verb that can live in the past, present, and future tense but it’s not an action that is only done once. It’s a decision that is made on a daily basis. It’s a journey throughout our lives that will rehash itself over and over and … More True Forgiveness

“If you give me a story, I will give you my life.”

This is my life story and my testimony. A story of a girl who thought she had been cursed and cast away. Left behind and forsaken to a life of pain and misery. But then God radically captured my heart and gave me purpose in the midst of darkness. Set the light of life inside me and showed me I’m worth so much more. … More “If you give me a story, I will give you my life.”