Walking to the Well

Could you imagine the kind of world we would live in, if we took the time to sit down, hear people’s stories…and I mean to truly listen to all of the good, the bad, and the deep dark ugly, and instead of passing judgement, or trying to be a fixer…we simply loved them. We loved them with all that we have and with a love that unconditional. Could you imagine the healing? The peace? To see people who have been suffocating in their own misery, finally burst through and take a deep breath. To know that yes, there has been a great deal that has been said and done, but none of that defines them anymore? This is just one story of this great possibility. … More Walking to the Well

Take My Voice

My voice comes from a long line of fiery, loud, proud southern family, with strong Italian roots. It’s something I used to hold so dear, so how did I get to the place where I now pray for God to change it? I ask God why me? Why this voice?…and there is no answer in return except for, “This is my gift to you, this is how I made you. This is how I am going to use you.”  … More Take My Voice

True Forgiveness

Forgiveness. Such a simple word. Three syllables. An action. A verb that can live in the past, present, and future tense but it’s not an action that is only done once. It’s a decision that is made on a daily basis. It’s a journey throughout our lives that will rehash itself over and over and … More True Forgiveness

A Call to Love

In life, it can be easy to love someone according to a set of standards. It can become the way we not only judge, but a way to find a person’s strengths and weaknesses. To determine where they fall short and compare it to ourselves. But that’s not love at all… … More A Call to Love