A Time to Stay and A Time to Go

Well, it’s official…our time at Zwartkloof is coming to a close. I’ll be honest. If I flew across the world and we only spent our time here, I wouldn’t hate it. I’ve not only fallen in love with this place, but also with these people. From the rangers Jarco, Nicole, Handre, Rudolf, and Empy to Anore, Armone, Armond, Niku, JP, Christine, Linki, Gracuate, Kombright, Nation, Adam, and John. From a simple hello to getting to know more about their lives and their families. Their joyful spirits were contagious. We shared stories, laughs, made memories, and grew closer each time that we served along side them.

More than impacting lives these people have changed mine. They not only taught me how to work hard each and everyday…but they also taught me how to enjoy each moment along the way. How to make light out of every situation and out of every job no matter how hard or how tedious.

To us, it may not have seemed like a lot or it may have seemed like the most menial and mind numbing task but here’s how to put it into perspective. In a culture that doesn’t show much appreciation and doesn’t use many words of affirmation or thanksgiving because how intimate it is to them…they were thankful for everything we did no matter how big or how small the task. From painting fences, picking up rocks or leaves, putting up and taking down tarps and so much more…to us it was nothing but to them it was everything.

We will be closing out our time here on Wednesday and leaving on Thursday to start our next adventure of staying with our host families.

I’m am so ready for this next adventure as we begin to serve in other communities, meet new people, share a life with a local family for a bit, and glorify God in everything we say and do. I can’t believe we are almost halfway through our trip.

It’s crazy how time flies and as quick as time passes I know that these goodbyes aren’t going to get any easier as we continue throughout this trip. I’m going to grow closer to the people around me, my team leaders, and the people in our next community, but as much as I’m sad to say goodbye, I know that so much of them are going to stay with me. I’m excited to see what’s next and what God has in store for us as we move to our next community.

Until the Next Adventure,

Megan 💛

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